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(A Wasca Photo Geese)

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Regina Weather Updates: Oct 26, 2001
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Well, the "forecast" high of +17 for tomorrow was changed. Now expecting +7. The snow that recently fell has already started to melt. It will likely be all melted by the end of next week.

Still water? No that would be a thin layer of ice.

The following pics were taken in Wascana Park.
Today Oct. 26, 2001

Top) View near Willow Island. Geese on thin ice.

1&2 - Row 1) View from the Willow Island Overlook. East side of Willow Island.

3&4 -Row 2)View north from the old Broad Street Bridge abutment. Showing the marina area.
See that small black object on the ice(left side of picture) in the first one? That is a electrical connection for the skating area. Its placed out there before freeze up. The cable is on the lake bottom.

5&6 -Row 3) 5-View northwest (Legislative Building)
& 6-northeast (Bridge).

7&8 -Row 4)Willow Island again. 7-North end from the overlook. 8-South end from near boat the compound.

9&10 -Row 5) 9-Ice surface below Willow Island Overlook. The odd marks were created by someone (no not me) throwing object on the ice from the overlook.
10-Seasonal boat compound for the Wascana ferry boats.