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Pacific Marine
Training Campus

Fire and Safety
Training Centre

Zodiac Ride

North Van: Misc.

North Van: Grafitti

Marine Fire and Safety Training, North Vancouver 2002

(Unless otherwise indicated, photos by Don)

May 2002

From May 07, 2002 to May 10, 2002 four Wascana Centre Employees endured the hazards and weather of the Vancouver area.
From their time spent at the Pacific Marine Training Campus in North Vancouver, to the adventures at the Fire and Safety Centre in Maple Ridge, these four not only survived, but returned safely home.

The included pics are only a small example of the hardships endured.

Pacific Marine Training Campus: Location North Vancouver
Course included basic small vessel safety, and in pool immersion suit, life jacket and life raft instruction.
An introduction to the required responses to general onboard emergency situations.

Fire and Safety Training Centre: Location Maple Ridge
Course included description and examples of various fire extinguisher types.
Practical "hands on" practice.

Zodiac Ride: Location Between Vancouver and North Vancouver
Close up view of various vessels and port facilities.
Visual examples of cruise ship abandon ship equipment.

Misc Pics: Location North Vancouver
Various pics of the area near the Quay.

Grafitti: Location North Vancouver .

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